​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks

JK Lakshmi Cement Limited is a leading company manufacturing a range of building materials. JK Lakshmi Cement, with its promise of "Mazbooti Guaranteed", is among the top cement brands in the country today.

The use of ​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks is continuously growing as an easy, convenient, safer, superior, and environment friendly Green Building material replacing commonly used conventional clay bricks. Many iconic buildings and architectural landmarks such as Burj Dubai, Taipei Trade Tower, Indianapolis University etc. have been built with extensive use of ​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks in walls.

Continuing its endeavour to bring the best in building materials, JK Lakshmi Cement Limited now introduces JK Smartblox, which are produced in a state of the art plant using the machinery and technology from Germany. The highly automated manufacturing process which incorporates the technological innovations such as 'Green Separation' and 'Horizontal Autoclaving' is capable of delivering unmatched consistency in product quality. The unique features of 'Hand Grips' and 'Tongue Groove' profile puts JK SmartBlox a generation ahead of others.

The use of “JK SmartBlox” in walls replacing conventional clay bricks delivers not only unmatched speed, quality, and economy in construction but also provides life-long benefits such as energy saving, low maintenance cost, long life, safety, health, and hygiene to the users.


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