JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster

JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster

For Beautiful Homes

JK LakshmiPlast Previously Called as Plaster of Paris

JK Lakshmiplast is a superior quality Gypsum Plaster with exceptional whiteness that can do wonders for home interiors. From decorative cornices, ceiling flowers, ornamental columns to fire-resistant cladding for structural steel work, JK Lakshmiplast is the most ideal solution. The use of modern and latest equipment and processes have ensured removal of all impurities from the Gypsum Plaster so that you get a word class product.

  • Fine particles enable better workmanship and more refined finish.

  • Superior whiteness permits saving of painting cost and enables experiments with new and different shades.

  • Guaranteed quality and quantity.

  • Laminated dust-free and moisture-proof packaging.

  • Hologram on packaging ensures the product's authenticity.

  • Higher adhesive ability makes it ideal for wood, metal and masonry.

  • Dissolves well and allows crack-free designs.

  • Economical production and better coverage area.

JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster Gypgold

For Happy Walls

JK JK Lakshmiplast GypGold is a lightweight gypsum-based plaster. It is suitable for hand or machine application to internal surfaces. After drying, it gives a brilliant white, smooth and matt finish with good impact strength. JK Lakshmiplast GypGold consists essentially of gypsum hemihydrate formulated with special additives to control working and setting characteristics.

  • Brilliant White, Smooth & Matt Finish

  • Fire & Thermal Resistance

  • Direct Application

  • Light Weight

  • Excellent Strength after Drying

  • Great Bonding

  • No Water Curing

  • Economical

JK Lakshmiplast Gypgold Gypsum Plaster - (English)


JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster (English)


JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster (Hindi)


JK Lakshmiplast Royale Gypsum Plaster