Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Our Channel Partners forms the backbone of our success story and constitute the most important vital link in our supply chain. At JK Lakshmi Cement, we continuously look for newer ways to energize, revitalize and motivate them to discharge their strategic role effectively for their own growth.

Plant Visits, training sessions, Motivation Incentivisation, loyalty programs & rejuvenating international excursions are few of the ways implemented by the company for boosting the morale and spirits high of our dealer family.

Our dealer family is connected to us through a Dealer Portal JK Lakshmi Mitra.

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Loyalty Program


At JK Lakshmi Cement, we believe in cherishing and nurturing our relationships, and keeping it at the centre of our activities. With a strong desire to explore the unexplored and scale newer heights with our channel partners in their growth, we have designed an exclusive rewards program for them known as JK Lakshmi SKY.

Benefits of this unique loyalty program are designed not only to delight them but also to bring them experiences that are unforgettable and exclusive.  As a part of this program, channel partners can earn points on purchase of JK Lakshmi Cement products. With these reward points, they can redeem gifts of their choice from a range of attractive rewards as per program’s rewards catalogue.

For this unique innovative program, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. has won the award for “Best Loyalty Program in B2B Sector” in the “Customer Loyalty Awards” 2019
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For our esteemed channel partners of brand JKLC Sixer, a separate program is runby the company i.e. JKLC Sixer Bhagyashree.
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Channel Partners forms the most vital part of the JK Lakshmi Cement supply chain and the company makes no stone unturn, thus in order to motivate and appreciate their hard work in making the brand headstrong in the Indian cement market. The company annually organises gala dealer appreciation events. The events are organised to acknowledge their patronage towards the brand vis-à-vis celebrate their dedication to achieve the annual targets which help them grow professionally.


The incentive programs implemented to enthuse and rejuvenate dealers of JK Lakshmi Cement family are unique and exciting. The company conducts various annual tours and leisure excursions for the channel partners in return of their monotonous annual hard work in achieving the targets. The dealers along with their families enjoy plethora of activities under tours. Thus, JK Lakshmi Cement continuously aims in creating rewarding value for its dealers through such inventive programs.


JK Lakshmi Cement over the years have engaged in multitude of associations and sponsorships platforms intended for our channel partners for brand recognition. The association of the company in Indian Premier League, Indian Super League to forming strong brand alliances with Rohit Sharma and Vijender Singh, has led the company achieve fruitful results in synergising and engaging with the channel partners on a whole new level.


The company take humungous efforts to aware and educate our channel partners, it is an imperative responsibility to keep the channel partners up to date with the construction practices, contemporary knowledge of constructions tends. Awareness Sessions, Motivational Speeches and frequent plant visits are amongst the tools to mention which are implemented by JK Lakshmi Cement to educate and develop our dealers for their career growth and sustenance in the competitive market and achieve growth with excellence.