Experts Construction Tips

Experts Construction Tips


Using the right proportions of raw material is essential for obtaining an optimum quality of concrete mix. Although it is advisable to seek professional advice for determining the proportions, this chart can be used as a ready reference:

Use/ApplicationProportion on volumetric basis
CementSandStone Aggregates
Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)136
RCC footing column, beam, slab, etc.11.53
Brick Masonry (23 cm and above)16-
Brick Masonry (Less than 23 cm)13-
Cement plaster on wall14-
Cement plaster on ceiling13-
Ceramic tiles fixing14-
IPS flooring124
Cement concrete for footpath/internal roads in housing societies11.53

Note: It is preferable to use fine sand for plastering work and coarse sand for masonry, PCC, RCC & CC Road work.

Deshuttering Period

Deshuttering period relates to the maturity of concrete and depends on the ambient temperature. Forms shall not struck until the concrete has reached strength at least twice the stress of which the concrete may be subjected at the time of removal of form work.

Assuming standard conditions of workmanship and quality of materials, you can refer to the following time-frames for the removal of forms.

FormSummersWinters (Temp <18° C)
Walls, columns and vertical faces of structural members24 hrs.48 hrs.
Removal of props under slab Spanning up to 4.5 m7 days14 days
Removal of props under beams and arches spanning up to 6 m14 days28 days