Platinum Heavy Duty Cement

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement

Heavy Duty Nirmaan Ke liye

The company’s steadfast obsession with strict quality control led to its offerings - products that are true innovations in the world of construction. Blended with utmost perfection, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. is proud to present the new and indigenous - Platinum Heavy Duty Cement. This is a product that not only wins every fight in strength and grit but also lasts long, with a proven durability to withstand the stresses of a demanding usage.

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement with high reactive Fly-Ash, resists sulphates and chloride attacks, protecting reinforced bars from the menace of rust. The result being, your house remains fresh as ever and durable for years.

Product Features and Benefits:

Rust Protection

Resistance to sulphates and chlorides protects the steel bars, enhancing the durability and strength of the structure.

Superior Particles

Super fine particles lead to more volume per kg of cement with superior finish.

Long Term Strength and
Greater Durability

Higher compressive strength, more impermeable as well as dense concrete made from this cement, contributes to greater durability of construction.

Superior Workability

Its superior spherical particles make logistics and transport for concrete/mortar extremely manageable.

Superior Bonding

Due to the unique chemical composition and fine particles, it gives superior bonding on brick, concrete and stone masonry.

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