JK Lakshmi Power Mix
Ready Mix Concrete

JK Lakshmi Power Mix Ready Mix Concrete

For Smart Constructions

JK Lakshmi Power Mix is made of high-end concrete technology. It is the perfect blend of aesthetic qualities that results in high standards of construction. With the introduction of such a path-breaking innovation in the realm of building materials, architects and individual house builders are independently creating textures, surfaces and shapes that were complex and impossible to create before.


  • Smart Structure: It gives superior strength, enhanced durability, enhanced abrasion, thinner structural elements, aesthetic visual impact, better surface finishes and textures. No hassles of procurement and quality testing of raw materials for concrete.

  • Service: High quality pre-tested ready mix concrete delivered right up to your doorstep for just-in-time constructions. A large, safe and well- maintained fleet of transit mixtures and support of service engineers for guidance on every step of construction.

  • Savings: Reduction of wastage and pilferage of material leading to elimination of construction time, cost optimisation and focussed construction planning. Savings of approx. 15.5% in construction cost as compared to regular mix concrete.

  • Selection: A wide variety of sub-products according to customer’s specific application and usage. Efficient handling of raw materials leads to long-lasting and low-maintenance concrete, offering a perfect value equation.

  • Standardisation: Systematic manufacturing cycles and adherence to global standards of quality. Guarantee of quality assurance and consistent results.

  • Speed: Faster start up due to minimal lead time in ordering of materials. Earlier occupancy of buildings due to faster construction. Easy adaptability to on-site changes and on time scheduling.

  • Safety: Avoids hazardous emissions from mixing. Migration to newer technologies of construction leads to a safer work environment and better work-site productivity.

​JK Lakshmi Power Mix Brochure - English


​JK Lakshmi Power Mix Brochure 2 - English