Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

The vision of Architects and Engineers Shapes the infrastructure image of India, it is their dedicated planning and hard work that makes a dream project see the broad daylight. JK Lakshmi Cement constantly tries to connect with the planners and visionaries through myriad programs such as knowledge sharing sessions, Loyalty programs & Engineers meet that discusses about relevant contemporary themes in the construction sector, resulting in fruitful exchange of knowledge and helps create stronger bonds.

JK Lakshmi Samman

In order to honour the top Architects, Structural Engineers and Designers, the company has created the JK Lakshmi Samman initiative. This exclusive program is our way to pay respect to them, recognize their efforts in building dream-homes, appreciate their contribution in nation building and thanking them for showing unrelenting support & trust in us.

This elite club, JK Lakshmi Samman, intends to act as a bridge between the company andthe talent in the field of architecture, interiors and design.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

JK Lakshmi cement has always been a frontrunner in knowledge sharing, our technical experts conduct conferences and seminars on varied contemporary topics in construction sector with architects, urban planners and structural engineers. These knowledge sharing events are conducted all over our markets to bring the best information and know how amongst the construction influencer community. These events from time to time have proven to be an eye-opening activity for our experts and the audience, as there is free flow of ideas and communication that leads to fruitful outcomes during discussion. At JK Lakshmi Cement we have a family bond with our influencer community and it is our imperative duty to inculcate an atmosphere of nurture and growth. Hence such knowledge sharing events are instrumental in achieving our goals.