JK Smartbond Mortar

JK Smartbond Mortar

A Smart choice for Smart wall Ready To Use Jointing Mortar

JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. - a member of the prestigious JK Organisation, believes in offering complete solutions to customers in the area of construction. To meet this goal, the Company offers various products such as - Cement in various grades, different varieties of Ready Mix Concrete, Plaster of Paris (POP), One Coat Gypsum Plaster, AAC Blocks etc.

Continuing this endeavour, the company has now added JK SMARTBOND which is a ready-to-mix jointing material for joining AAC blocks, Fly Ash bricks, concrete blocks etc.

JK SMARTBOND comes with water proofing and self-curing polymers is made from cement, graded aggregates and self curing polymers. It is specially designed to use with water to provide stronger and more durable mortar with excellent adhesive strength between masonry units.

JK SmartBond offers a far better choice in terms of Speed, Safety, Strength and Savings against conventional cement sand mix mortar.

Surface preparation

  • Surface of Block or masonry unit should be pre wet before use of JK SmartBond.

  • For best results, the surface should be cleaned and rasped with JK Smart tools. This helps in better bonding

Preparation of JK SmartBond - Mixing

  • In a clean bucket or vessel, add some water and then put the required quantity of JK SmartBond. Mix the product in water by gradually adding clean water. (Approx. 6 litres of water needed per 25 kg bag of mortar). JK Smart bond should be thoroughly mixed with water before use.

  • After proper mixing, leave the paste for 5-6 minutes before application and this mix should be used within 1 hour.

  • For best results, use JK Smart tools kit for getting a mixing paddle.

Method of application

  • Apply a thin uniform layer of JK SmartBond (3-4mm) on the clean and levelled surface.

  • Use a proper trowel to get uniform levelling. Clean the excess material, if any immediately. Continue your entire masonry work in the same way.

  • For best results use a trowel supplied in JK Smart tools.

JK Smartbond