Platinum Supremo Cement

Platinum Supremo Cement

The Supreme Strength of Every Construction

A supreme champion is measured on his quality to withstand any challenge. Similarly, the quality of a good house is measured by the strength and durability of its roof. With the aim of building a strong roof for every house, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. presents a premium product - Platinum Supremo Cement. Its Particle Packing Technology produces extra solid concrete compared to regular cement and keeps the problem of leakage and dampness away. Manufactured using high-quality premium raw materials, Platinum Supremo is a promise of strength and durability. Its Ad star packaging is tamper-proof (adulteration resistant) and assures 100% weight with easy handling and clean storage, making sure that every house built from this product is an icon of envy.

Product Features and Benefits:

Superior Strength

Supreme strength for high stake construction like roofs

Highest in class 28 days strength, hence lower cement consumption for design mix concrete

Long term durability

Super Fineness

Superfine particles lead to more volume per kg of cement with a superior finish

Overall savings in cost

More productivity in less effort

Superior Bonding

The Particle Packing Technology results in a dense matrix of concrete/mortar

Impressively enhanced bonding on reinforced bars

Highly impermeable.

Superior Packaging

amper-proof and moisture-resistant bags give the correct quantity and factory-fresh quality of cement.

Leakproof to ensure cleanliness in the storage area

100% weight assurance

Superior Services

Supremely efficient pre and post-sales services

Guidance on all constructional related matters

On-site and virtual technical support

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