JK Lakshmi Cement

JK Lakshmi Cement

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JK Lakshmi Cement PPC or Portland Pozzolana Cement is a grade of cement which has more strength than the BIS-specified 43 grade. Superior quality limestone is used in manufacturing, resulting in cement that is well recognised for its strength and durability. It is used where Ordinary Portland Cement was used earlier. The best thing about JK Lakshmi Cement PPC is its consistency in terms of quality and post-sales services.

Super Strength

Due to the continuous conversion of liberated lime [Ca (OH) 2] into stronger C-S-H gel, the strength continues to increase with time.

Lower Heat of Hydration

Contains less C3A, resulting in less heat evolution leading to absence of cracks during the hydration process.

Better Workability

Superior quality, processed and controlled spherical-grain size fly ash gives the concrete better workability even at lower water-cement ratio.

Fine Particles

Processed fly ash of uniform size is used in yielding JK Lakshmi Cement, ensuring that the particles are fine in size. This gives a more cohesive, workable concrete.

Corrosion Resistant

Concrete made with JK Lakshmi Cement is impervious to chemicals and water. As water, chloride and other chemicals are effectively barred from contact with the reinforcements, the concrete becomes corrosion resistant.

Sulphate Resistant

The Ca (OH) produced during hydration is highly susceptible to sulphate attacks. Perfectly processed fly ash reacts with Ca (OH) 2 and converts it into C-S-H gel leading to (moderate) sulphate resistant quality.

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