JK Lakshmi Smart Serv Cement

JK Lakshmi Smart Serv Cement

Building a future in the smartest way

JK Lakshmi Cement brings to you JK Lakshmi 'SmartServ' Cement for its consumers. It's a unique concept that promises to fulfill new-age construction needs. This is a premium service at no extra cost, equipped with latest technology-enabled features like GPS tracker, quality check sensor, anti-theft lock etc. It's a funnel-shaped silo for storage and distribution of upto 5-7 ton of cement. This is an excellent replacement for cement bags, where cement is used in bulk. Perfect for sites of 2000 sq. ft. area or above.

  • Less space

  • Theft control

  • Pay per use

  • Fresh material supply

  • Environment friendly

  • On time supply

  • Savings

  • Wastage control

JK Lakshmi Smart Serve Brochure - Hindi


JK Lakshmi Smart Serve Brochure - English