JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement

JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement

Pure White Brilliant White

Through the continuous development in our R & D centers to offer aspirational products to our customers, we at JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd have develped white portland cement in line with IS8042;2015 requirments. JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement gives the finest whiteness with the smoothest finish and can be used on all internal and external surgaces.

Features of JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement

  • 0% Dolomite Added

  • Brilliant White

  • High Refractive Index

  • Superior Fineness

  • Water Resistant Packaging


  • Pure White Cement and High Compressive Strenght

  • Produces Clean Colors After Adding Pigments

  • High Opacity and Smooth Finish

  • Better Coverage and Cost Effective

  • Better Shelf Life



  • Terrazzo Flooring

  • Mosaic Tiles

  • Under Bed of Marbles


  • Exposed Aggregate

  • Sand Face Spray Plaster

  • White Cement Wash

Architectural Uses

  • Concrete Elements

  • Decorative Elements

  • Facade Designing

JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement