JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement

JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement

Pure White Brilliant White

Through the continuous development in our R & D centers to offer aspirational products to our customers, we at JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd have develped white portland cement in line with IS8042;2015 requirments. JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement gives the finest whiteness with the smoothest finish and can be used on all internal and external surgaces.


  • 0% Dolomite Added

  • Brilliant White

  • High Refractive Index

  • Superior Fineness

  • Water Resistant Packaging


  • Pure White Cement and High Compressive Strenght

  • Produces Clean Colors After Adding Pigments

  • High Opacity and Smooth Finish

  • Better Coverage and Cost Effective

  • Better Shelf Life



  • Terrazzo Flooring

  • Mosaic Tiles

  • Under Bed of Marbles


  • Exposed Aggregate

  • Sand Face Spray Plaster

  • White Cement Wash

Architectural Uses

  • Concrete Elements

  • Decorative Elements

  • Facade Designing

JK Lakshmi Smart White Cement