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Brahmastra 4x4 - Construction Chemical

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Keeping in mind the customers' demands and issues faced by the masons during concrete mixing, the research team of JK Lakshmi Cement has brought a revolutionary solution - Brahmastra 4x4. Created with advanced technology, Brahmastra 4x4 is a solution, when mixed for 4 minutes, boosts the strength of the concrete mix. Making the building stronger for 4 generations to come.

  • Superior Strength
    Makes concrete dense, by setting it quickly and increases the grip of concrete and reinforced bars.

  • Superior Durability
    Sets the concrete in a better way, reduces the leakage and keeps the check on moisture, lowering the maintenance cost.

  • Watertight Concrete
    Controls the seepage and protects the concrete from many damaging chemicals present in the water.

  • Better Workability and Needs Less Vibration
    Makes the process of using and mixing the concrete easier, reduces the use of water in preparing the concrete and gives excellent finishing by increasing its spread.

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