JKLC Sixer Cement

In today’s dynamic world, we all are striving to prove ourselves the best and winner in our respective fields. We have to work hard today to lay a strong foundation for a better tomorrow and many a times we need to break all the boundaries of barriers coming our way.

JK Organisation is inspired with this competitive spirit and brings to you an ultra-modern product- JKLC SIXER CEMENT to meet the needs of modern day construction process.

JKLC SIXER CEMENT – A Winner in every feature

When you dream big, you need to be strong enough to win over different barrier coming your way. And to realise the big dreams, you should possess winner-like qualities like JKLC SIXER CEMENT.

JKLC Sixer Cement has been formulated with the best technology and has come across as a premium product. With the consistent metamorphic rock lime stone used in this cement and a world class quality control in all its production processes, this cement promises to be a superior product going by the global standards.

JKLC Sixer Cement is determined to make each futuristic construction better, stronger and more durable. So, now every challenge pertaining to the modern construction will be overcome with the winning approach of JKLC Sixer.

JKLC Sixer Cement – Product Range

Sixer Mantras for Better Construction

  • Use less water while preparing cement mortar/concrete mix to get adequate cohesiveness and durability.

  • Make sure you do not use sand with harmful organic impurities, clay, silt or vegetation etc.

  • To make concrete– coarse aggregates should be hard, strong, dense, durable, clear, and free from veins; and angular in shape.

  • Size of coarse aggregates should be 12 mm & 20 mm to get cohesive and workable dense concrete.

  • To enhance durability of the structure, use proper size of cover blocks and shuttering tape while casting slab.


Tips for better compaction of concrete

Concrete Strength

Use mechanical vibrator for increasing the strength of concrete (up to 25%)


Use clean water, fit for drinking purpose.


Start curing as soon as concrete hardens i.e. no thumb or nail impression should appear on fresh concrete.
Efficient curing should be done for 7 – 10 days.

Application of JKLC Sixer Cement in Modern Construction

  • Bridges

  • Industrial Construction

  • Bungalows

  • Concrete Roads

  • Dams

  • High Rise Buildings


Leaflets/ Brochures

JKLC SIXER Brochure - English
JKLC SIXER Brochure - Hindi
JKLC SIXER Brochure- Gujarati
JKLC SIXER Leaflet - Hindi
JKLC SIXER Leaflet - Gujarati