Case Study of Lalita Borana

Success Stories

JK Lakshmi Vidya Scholarship program helped Lalita fund her college education and continue her studies

Scholar’s Name: Lalita Borana
Father’s Name: Shri Jugraj Borana
Location: Sojat, Rajasthan
Current Education: BA (1st year)
Career Aspiration: To become an English Teacher
Scholarship amount: Rs 30,000

Lalita was born and brought up in Sojat, a small city with a population of close to 50,000 people, located in the district of Pali, Rajasthan. Her father, a construction labourer is the sole earning member in a family of 6, that includes his 3 daughters, a son, and wife. With a menial income of Rs. 40,000 a year, he has somehow managed to send all his children to government schools and inspire them to rise above their circumstances. Lalita, being the eldest, had to study well to become an inspiration to her siblings.

Hence, after obtaining 67% in her 12th board exams, she took admission in Government College Sojat. “While I was happy to know that the college had a rich library, I didn’t know if I’d even be able to afford all the educational expenses of postgraduation. I had already paid Rs. 5000 as the first instalment (Rs. 10,000 being the annual college fee), but I needed at least Rs. 25,000 a year to pay the subsequent instalment, travel to college, buy books, get print-outs, etc.” Just when Lalita was deciding to drop out for a year, her father was invited to a Mason-Contractor meet which was being organised by JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. and Buddy4Study team. The purpose of the meeting was to make all the masons, labourers and construction workers aware about the JK Lakshmi Vidya Scholarship program. Through this program, they were able to gain knowledge about several scholarships for school-going and higher-education students.

Lalita bounced at this opportunity. With the help of this program, she applied for a few scholarships that matched her eligibility criteria and ended up winning an eminent scholarship of Rs. 90,000. The first scholarship instalment of Rs. 30,000 has assured a smooth year at college for Lalita, even during these difficult times of COVID-19. “The JK Lakshmi Vidya Scholarship program didn’t let my education stop. I’m forever grateful and inspired to do well in my studies.”