​JK Lakshmiplast GypGold

​JK Lakshmiplast GypGold is a light weight gypsum-based plaster. It is suitable for hand or machine application to internal surfaces. After drying, it gives brilliant white, smooth & matt finish. It has good impact strength.

JK Lakshmiplast GypGold consists essentially of gypsum hemihydrate formulated with special additives to control working and setting characteristics. It includes perlite, a lightweight aggregate, to improve the plaster's handling, workability & application.

  • Brilliant white
  • Smooth & matt finish
  • Good Fire resistance
  • Good Thermal resistance
  • Direct application
  • Light weight
  • Excellent strength after drying
  • Great Bonding
  • No water curing
  • Economical

JK GypGold is suitable for all normal purposes, on any background such as brick, solid or hollow blocks, AAC blocks, concrete surface, plasterboard and expanded metal lath. It can be used for new surfaces as well as old repaired patches.

  • Normal concrete should be given the sufficient time to mature before applying the plaster.
  • Mature concrete will required “wetting” before plastering.
  • Before plastering on concrete surface, kindly ensure that any mould/shuttering oil or other agents present should be removed from the surface.
  • Surface should be firm, dry, clean & free from dust.
  • The hole and cracks on the surface should be repaired in advance.
  • Clean water should be applied 10 minutes before plaster application to control the suction.
  • Use the mixture within 15 minutes to get best results.
  • Use 15 to 17 liter cool & clean water for mixing 25 kg. GypGold bag.
  • Contamination from previous mixes can reduce the setting time and strength of the plaster when set.
  • Check the verticality of wall surface using plum bob & remove undulations, if any.
  • Check the thickness of plaster. It should not be more than 13 mm.
  • Apply JK GypGold plaster to solid surface with firm pressure. As the plaster stiffens, carry out further flattening. When the plaster is sufficiently firm, scour the surface with sponge float & water as required.
  • Now trowel the surface progressively to get smooth matt finish.
  • Painting work should be started only after surface becomes complete dry.
  • During the application of GypGold plasters, care should be taken to ensure that rapid loss of water is avoided. If water is dried off too rapidly, the strength of the plaster will be impaired.
  • Finish surface should be protected from continuous exposure to moisture.
  • Prolonged or repeated exposure to moisture may cause a loss of strength and/or adhesion.

    Absorption of water/moisture reduces the setting time and strength of set plaster work. Hence please follow following tips:

    • Store the bags on elevated dry platform made of bricks/timber/concrete.
    • Use FIFO (First In First Out) system for storage at godown.
    • Shelf life is minimum 3 month when properly stored but could be in excess of 6 months subject to temperature and humidity.

    To offer better services and guidance to our customers, we have a dedicated Customer Care Service cell. The cell is equiped with the latest know how and our civil engineers bring in their expertise of gypsum plaster to offer a perfect solution.

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    Available in 25 kg. Laminated P.P. Bag

    Technical Specifications
    Dry bulk density kg/m3Setting time in MinutesApprox coverage* in SqM/MTSoluble MgO Wt %Soluble Na2O Wt %

    Instruction For Preparing The Paste: