Site mix Concrete and Cement Calculator for Constructions

Site mix Concrete/Cement Calculator for Construction

To calculate the approximate requirement for RMC, please specify the dimensions of the concrete structure (Beam, column, slab, footing, etc.)

Concrete Proportion

You will need the following quantities to complete the construction of wall:

bag(s) of 50 Kg's JK Lakshmi Cement will be required.

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The concrete proportion is represented in a:b:c format

a = Cement
b = Sand
c = Stone aggregates mix of 10mm & 20mm

To further our commitment of providing consumer-friendly product, services and solutions we have developed the below easy to use Site-mix Concrete/Cement Calculator for Construction. The calculator allows you to calculate the quantity of bags of cement which will be required for building a slab, a terrace, stairs or a concrete foundation. Mention the height, weight, depth, unit and density and the calculator will auto-calculate the quantity of bags of cement which will be required for the construction. The Site-mix Concrete/Cement Calculator for Construction is a helpful tool that will help you not only in budgeting your construction but also in other aspects such as storage and logistic.

Calculate your Concrete Bag, Slab, Weight Usage and its Cost Calculator

Irrespective of the size and shape of the construction, the Site-mix Concrete/Cement Calculator for Construction from JK Cement will help you to determine the approximate number of bags you will require for the said construction. Just enter the dimensions which are the height, width and depth and specify the unit and concrete proportion and the calculator will do the rest. Calculating amount of raw material and cement required can be tricky sometimes but with the Site-mix Concrete/Cement Calculator for Construction the task can be a breeze. The online tool can provide you with a quick and almost accurate estimate of the number of cement bags that will be required at a click.