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October 28, 2016

Welcome Goddess Lakshmi in your Home this Diwali

As Diwali approaches, the preparations to welcome Goddess Lakshmi begin whole-heartedly. Houses are cleaned, new construction is done and houses are decorated. To aid you in your preparations, we have selected some tips from our Vaastu experts. So that this Diwali, you can welcome Goddess Lakshmi in the best manner possible.

Spray salt water to keep the house peaceful and content
Mix […]


October 26, 2016

Five Fundamentals of Green Building

Just like mining or manufacturing, the construction industry is energy-intensive. The energy demands vary over different stages of the construction. The energy consumed by a building throughout the construction phase and later in its life depends on multiple factors. For example, some of the daily life necessities like lighting and facilities like air-conditioning system require regular power to be operational […]


August 17, 2016

June 17, 2016

Things to Inspect Before Renovating Your Home

Things to Inspect Before Renovating Your Home

From the sweltering afternoon heat to the dreaded rains, a house or an apartment faces the wrath of periodically changing weather conditions. In the long run, these affect the strength and quality of the construction material used. This is even truer when you live in an old house that was built long ago. Many […]


May 2, 2016

Hot Weather Concreting: Building Tips for this Summer

The temperature is soaring high all across India, marking the arrival of the summer season in full force. In some parts of country, it has already crossed 40°C and 43°C. The rising temperature presents a huge challenge when it comes to effective management of concrete especially JK Lakshmi Pro+ Cement.

Special problems are encountered in the preparation, placement and curing of concrete in hot weather. […]


March 9, 2016

Top Awe-Inspiring Architectural Wonders of India

India is a diverse country and there is no better example of it than the architecture of the country. According to leading Indian architects of India it is so difficult to define in a certain form as many streams of artistic genius have contributed to it. We have an innate mixture of traditional sciences like Vastushastra and Sthapatyashastra that were […]