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Top 7 trends for kitchen design -

Top 7 trends for kitchen design

Top 7 trends for kitchen design

Kitchen Design

Are you looking to give your kitchen a makeover? Then, you’re at the right place. Here are a number of tried and tested ideas to revamp your kitchen and thereby improve its efficiency while creating smart storage solutions.

A Classic That Never Goes Out Of Style

The appeal of a Black & White kitchen is timeless and you cannot go wrong with this trend. What’s more, the white opens up your kitchen, giving it the appearance of being larger.

Create an Airy Kitchen with Open Shelves

The latest international trend in kitchen design is moving towards open shelving, which offers a practical spacing solution for small kitchens. Also open shelving tend to give a personalised feel to the kitchen, thus making it feel lived-in and warm, while keeping it functional and easy to use.

Transform Extra Free Space into a Kitchen Island

If you have a little extra space in the kitchen, then a ‘kitchen island’ is just what you need. For starters, a kitchen island refers to a countertop in the middle of the kitchen that could be used for cooking purposes. This could also double up as a table for quick meals.

Spice Up the Sink

Today the trend of kitchen designs involves moving away from basic stainless steel sinks to ones with visually stunning and attractive designs.

Add the Wow Factor with Wallpaper

According to kitchen and bathroom designer Lee Hardcastle, incorporating wallpaper in the kitchen design will be the next big trend. You can create a visual impact in your kitchen by using wallpaper.

Let Your Ceiling Make a Statement

Kitchen Ceiling

One of the most ignored spaces in a kitchen is the ceiling! You can create a statement-making ceiling through the use of innovative lighting, classic embellishments or coffer ceilings.

Make It Appear Larger

A simple trick to make your kitchen appear larger is to add mirrors wherever possible.

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