Superior Packaging

Bid farewell to the messy packs of local POP and switch over to JK Lakshmiplast’s dust-free laminated packs.

Conventionally, POP is available in messy packs from unknown vendors with no guarantee of quality. It’s time to get over such issues by switching over to JK Lakshmiplast and acquire peace of mind.

With JK Lakshmiplast, you get:

Unique laminated packaging

JK Lakshmiplast comes to you in laminated packaging that ensures a dust-free use and application. Its moisture-proof packaging ensures that you don't lose money over POP getting hardened before use due to the entry of moisture.

JK Lakshmi Hologram

The JK Lakshmi hologram on each pack provides you with a reasonable assurance that you are getting the trusted JK Lakshmi quality. You are thus protected against wasting of money on inferior quality POP.

Consistency of quantity

The state-of-the-art equipment used by JK Lakshmi provides you with a guarantee of consistent quantity in each pack so that you can have perfect peace of mind and better control over construction costs.

Availability in convenient quantities

JK Lakshmiplast comes to you in packs of 2 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg, so you can buy just as much as you want. This helps you in avoiding wastage and enables better control over construction costs.