AAC Concrete Cement Block Benefits

Smart Benefits of SmartBlox

Easy, Fast & Economic Construction

Use of "JK SmartBlox" significantly increases (up to 3 times) the speed of construction of walls as compared to any other alternatives used in walls including conventional clay bricks, and yet it delivers unmatched economy in overall construction cost.

Blocks are big and placing a block is equal to placing of 16-18 conventional clay bricks in a typical two brick wall construction. This means less number of joints, less consumption of jointing mortar, and approx. 3 times the speed of construction.

The weight of one block is less than 1/3rd of the weight of clay bricks of equivalent volume. Lighter weight means higher labour productivity and lower labour cost per unit of wall constructed. Use of AAC Blocks reduces the load on the structure (Structures designed for AAC Blocks can save on steel & concrete consumption).

"JK SmartBlox" have unique 'Handgrips' and 'Tongue- Groove' profile, which makes the lifting and placement easy & convenient. Unique 'Tongue - Groove' profile eliminates the use of mortar for vertical jointing and thus delivering further economy and speed in construction.

Unlike conventional clay bricks which have large variation in shape & size, “JK SmartBlox” are cut to the precision of less than 1.5 mm on any side on fully automatic machines. Since each of the side of the “JK SmartBlox” are truly square and perpendicular to each other, it delivers a true, plain and perfect wall surface, and thus reduces the thickness of levelling plaster by half. It obviously means faster construction at lower cost.

The blocks can be easily cut, chased, and shaped with normal cutting and chasing tools. These can be easily shaped to create arches, contours, curves etc. as may be demand of modern architecture.

Additional Floor Space

With use of SmartBlox, the wall width can be optimized to create 2-8% additional & valuable floor space. More so, with reduction in dead load on structure due to light weight, the sizes of structural elements can be optimized to minimize wall thickness and create additional floor space.

Safer & Healthier Interiors with Long Life

The buildings which use “JK SmartBlox” are safer and healthier for its occupants due to various inbuilt features which are not found in any other wall construction materials including clay bricks. This makes “SmartBlox” as smart & best choice for building walls in any type of building construction

Fire Resistance: “JK SmartBlox” offer 3 times or more fire resistance (2 to 6 hours) than conventional clay bricks.

Fume Resistance: “JK SmartBlox” are completely inorganic and hence do not generate any toxic fumes or poisonous gases harmful to the occupants. The airtight nature of blocks also prevents toxic fumes from spreading into other parts of building.

Moisture Resistance: “JK SmartBlox” do not have any ’micro-pores’ or continuous ’capillaries’ through which exterior surface water can be absorbed to interiors. It means longer life to the paints and interiors free from growth of any kind of fungus, providing healthier and long lasting interiors to the occupants.

Pest & Termite Resistance: The inorganic nature of “JK SmartBlox” does not allow spread of termites and growth of pests and hence provides longer life to expensive wooden interiors.

Earthquake Resistance: When devastating earthquake hit Kobe region in Japan in 1995, the buildings constructed with ​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks proved safer as the damage to the structure was minimum and ​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks did not allow the fire to spread. Since buildings & structures which use ​JK Smartblox AAC Blocks are lighter, they absorb and transmit less seismic forces in event of any earthquake and provide additional safety to the occupants. “JK SmartBlox” conform to the requirements of seismic zone IV & V.

Sound Insulation: The cellular structure of “JK SmartBlox” provides superior sound insulation for same thickness of wall as compared to conventional clay brick wall.

Life Long Energy Saving

JKLC “SmartBlox” provide superior thermal insulation as compared to any other wall construction material including conventional clay bricks. Buildings constructed with use of “JK SmartBlox” in walls consume 25-30% less energy in Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC).

Additional Green Building Points

Use of "JK SmartBlox" can fetch additional LEED or GRIHA rating points for Green Buildings as the making of "JK SmartBlox" consumes less natural resources and energy as compared to conventional clay bricks or other wall construction materials.

Recycled Materials: Unlike clay bricks, making of which uses top fertile soil, the "JK SmartBlox" use fly ash generated in abundance by thermal power plants and thus use of these helps in conserving of top fertile soil, essential for the food security of the nation.

Recycled Materials: Unlike clay bricks, making of which uses top fertile soil, the "JK SmartBlox" use fly ash generated in abundance by thermal power plants and thus use of these helps in conserving of top fertile soil, essential for the food security of the nation.

Less Natural Resources: The making of "JK SmartBlox" consumes just 1/4th of the weight of materials consumed in making of clay bricks.

Less Energy: "JK SmartBlox" not only consume less fossil fuels in making but also consume less energy in transportation due to lighter weight.

Less Water: Unlike clay bricks which are required to be soaked in water to remove slit, salts, and organic substances, the "JK SmartBlox" require just wetting by brush on surface before use. They also do not need any curing and hence save on precious water.

Smart Value* From JK SmartBlox

The ‘Smart Value’ package is especially designed for smart users who want the best from the use of “JK SmartBlox” and it includes

Smart Expertise: Advice from well qualified and experienced architects can be provided to those users who wish to design their buildings to take the maximum advantage from the use of "JK SmartBlox".

Smart Tools: Use of right tools makes construction even more easy, convenient, and economically smart.

Smart Mortars: Use of thin joint specially formulated mortars can reduce the joint thickness to less than 5 mm and significantly increase the speed of construction and reduce water consumption in curing.

Smart Plasters: The wall surface can either be finished by specially formulated sand cement plaster on both sides or on external surface. Gypsum based plasters can be used directly on internal surface before application of paint.

* Available on demand, conditions apply.