Home and Office Painting Ideas

Just as an outfit can enhance or mar the image of a person, the quality and visual appeal of painting can do the same for your home interiors. Additionally, the cost of painting being so high, it is all the more important to take wise and efficient decisions with regard to painting. JK Lakshmi Cement has compiled a few tips to help you make the best out of your investment on painting.

Preparing for the job.
  • Ensure that the plaster on the walls is fully dried before the commencement of the paint job.
  • In case, there is any seepage on the walls, ensure that the fault is fully rectified.
  • Remove electric plates and cover all sockets & switches with tape.
  • Cover the floor with plastic sheeting to avoid paint spilling on the floor.
  • Ensure to use only high-quality POP material to provide a better base for paint colours.
Choosing the right paint.
  • For most paint jobs, water-based paints are a good choice as they dry faster.
  • Flat finishes are ideal in hiding minor imperfections on the wall surfaces, but they don't have a shine.
  • Velvet finishes are ideal to enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors and are easy to clean.
  • Glossy and semi-glossy finishes are also good options as they have a durable finish and can easily withstand scrubbing.
  • Satin paints are excellent to give a warm and inviting look to your rooms.

This may be the toughest choice as regards painting is concerned. While choosing colours, it may be helpful to consult an interior designer, as the choice of paint colour would set the theme for the complete interiors. You would have to choose the colours of the upholstery and furniture accordingly.

For ceilings, it is best to go in for light and sober shades as they give a spacious look to the rooms. In fact, white and off-white are ideal shades for ceilings. In case of wall colours, choice should be made on the basis of age-group and personality of the inhabitants. For example, light pink can be a great shade for a young girl's room. In case of boys, you can be more experimental. All shades have specific effects on the moods of a person:

  • Blue and off-white are soothing shades.
  • Shades of red can be stimulating for the mind.
  • Orange is excellent for kitchen and dining room as it stimulates the appetite.
  • Using purple is a great way of creating a royal ambience.
Estimating the paint quantity.

You can use our paint calculator to estimate the quality of paint required for a particular paint job. Please note that this would give the quantity required for one coat. The number of coats would be dependent upon various factors and you would require professional advice for the same.