Why JK Lakshmiplast

Get more value for your money by using JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster that comes packed with a number of benefits.

JK Lakshmiplast would be your ideal choice as POP material for all purposes. The benefits of using JK Lakshmiplast are many and can easily offset the extra premium that you pay in terms of initial price.


Superfine plus

The consistently fine particles of JK Lakshmiplast provide an opportunity for better workmanship and a more refined final finish.

Whiteness more than 82%*

Superior whiteness means saving on painting costs and an opportunity to experiment with various new shades.


JK Lakshmiplast comes from the reputed JK Lakshmi brand which means that you are assured of consistency in quality and quantity.

*As measured by a digital reflectance meter.


Higher adhesive ability

JK Lakshmiplast has a higher adhesive ability and can easily be used with wood, metal and masonry.

Exceptional purity

Its exceptional purity enables it to dissolve well and give crack-free designs.

Ideal Setting time

JK Lakshmiplast offers a low setting time thus offering you the benefits of economy in construction and lower time cycles.



Break free from messy and dusty POP packs. JK Lakshmiplast comes in superior dust-free packaging.


Moisture-proof packaging ensures that the POP remains perfect and ready-to-use over longer periods of time.


JK Lakshmi's hologram on each pack assures you of the authenticity of the product.