Comparison between Alternative Walling Materials

ParameterJK SmartBloxClay BricksAdvantages of Using JK SmartBlox
Common Size (LxHxW) in mm600 x 250 x 100-350210 x 70 x 90-100Faster construction, more floor space & savings on labour and jointing mortar
Density (Kg/ m3)550-6501900 – 2300Up to 15% savings in cost of structure
Precision (Tolerance) in mm±3 to 5±10 to 15Even wall surface, savings on plaster and labour
Thermal Insulation in W/ m-k0.10 –0.140.8120 – 30% less electricity consumption on HVAC
Noise Transmission/Sound Insulation in db40 – 45 db for 200 mm wall40 db for 230 mm wallQuieter interiors
Tongue – Groove ProfileYesNoFaster construction, saving on labour and jointing mortar due to elimination of vertical joints
Hand GripsYesNoFaster construction due to ease in lifting & placement
Green Building PointsYesNoCarbon credits & higher occupancy in commercial buildings
Water Absorption Coefficient in Kg/ m2 x h0.54 – 6 (no micro-pores and capillaries)22 – 30 (suction through capillary action)Long life of paint and healthy interiors
Fire Resistance in Hours2 to 62Increased safety for occupants
Earthquake ResistanceConformance to requirement of seismic zone IV & VConditional ConformanceIncreased safety for occupants
Termites & Pest ResistanceHighLowLong lasting & healthy interiors
WorkabilityEasyDifficultCan be used to create arches, curves etc.
Manufacturing Process & Quality ConsistencyFully automatic & high consistencyFully manual and high variabilityReliable product performance
Wastage due to breakageNegligible10 –12%Economic construction
Water Usage in constructionLow, needs only surface wetting before useHigh, needs curing before useFaster & economic construction
AvailabilityAny time during the yearSeasonalLess storage space, peace of mind, and in time completion of construction