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7 Vaastu tips for your home -

7 Vaastu tips for your home

7 Vaastu tips for your home

Vastu Tips

Did you know that the house you live in has an energy field which influences you and your family members? Welcome to the world of Vaastu Shastra, which is a traditional system of architecture which integrates architectural principles with nature, different types of structures, geometrical patterns, symmetry and directional alignments.

Here are a few ways you can integrate Vaastu principles in your home:

Keep the Entrance in the North

When constructing or buying a home, keep in mind that the entrance should preferably be from the North, East or North-west. Avoid having the main door in the South, South-west or South-east.

De-clutter Living Space

De-clutter Your Living Space

A clean home reflects positive energy. Try to reduce clutter as much as possible, as clutter draws confusion and can result in arguments within the family. So, dispose of objects that you haven’t
used in a year and will not be using again.

Name-plate Outside Your Door

Vaastu recommends you have a nameplate outside your door. Among other reasons, this helps in easily locating you.

Your Kitchen’s Placement Matters

As per Vaastu, it is advisable to have your kitchen in the South-East corner of your house. If this isn’t possible, then, at least place your gas-stove in the South-East of your kitchen.

Avoid Mirrors in the Bedroom

It is not advisable to place any mirrors in the bedroom as it’s said to cause ill-health and discord in family. If this is not possible, at least place them away from the bed or cover them while sleeping.

Add Wind Chimes to Your Home Decor

The tinkling of bells improves the inflow of positivity in the house. Go ahead and add a pair of wind chimes outside your entrance.

Get an aquarium

It’s a good idea to place an aquarium in the South-East corner of your living room for prosperity.

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