Ready Mix concrete vs Site Mix

The quality of concrete is a critical factor in determining the durability and life of your construction. In case of site-mix concrete, the quality is variable and depends upon the limited expertise of the construction supervisor. The process is manual and non-standardised, and hence prone to human error.

All the above risks can be avoided by switching over to JK Lakshmi Power Mix, which comes from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility manned by trained and experienced engineers.

There are a number of benefits of choosing JK Lakshmi Power Mix over conventional site-mix concrete:

Consistency in quality

JK Lakshmi Power Mix is a result of a systematic manufacturing cycle and adheres to global standards of quality. Hence as a consumer, you receive consistency in quality. Besides, you can avoid the headache of manual testing of the concrete.

Cost saving

Our studies indicate that by using JK Lakshmi Power Mix, you can obtain savings of 15.5% compared to site-mix concrete. You don't need to worry about the material wastage that typically occurs in case of site-mix concrete. Besides, you incur no expenditure in quality testing of the concrete, as JK Lakshmi Power Mix reaches the consumer only after stringent quality checks are performed through in-house sophisticated machines.

Efficient handling of raw material

In case of site-mix concrete, you need to ensure quality sourcing of various raw materials such as stone aggregates, admixtures and sand. You may need to haggle over their rates with different vendors. Besides, their proportion in the mixture is determined approximately and as a result the quality of the final product is compromised. Whereas if you decide to go for JK Lakshmi Power Mix, you can save all that hassle and yet be assured of excellent quality of RMC. All that you need to do is communicate the exact requirement, and our delivery team delivers the RMC right to your site using specialised JK Lakshmi transit mixers.

Reduced construction time

Once you outsource your requirement of RMC to JK Lakshmi, you can totally avoid the hassles of arranging the equipment, manpower and raw material for preparing the concrete. JK Lakshmi has the required network and infrastructure to deliver RMC quantities to sites within specified time-frames. This effectively means that you, as a consumer, can get peace of mind and saving of time.

Better construction quality

JK Lakshmi provides various grades of RMC as per specific engineering standards and the intended application. As a result you are able to achieve better quality of construction. Such standardisation is not achievable in case of regular site-mix concrete.

Associated services

JK Lakshmi Power Mix consumers are also eligible for various add-on services. When requested by the customer, JK Lakshmi sales team arranges a specialised concrete pump that enables an efficient placing of concrete on heights. Besides, the JK Lakshmi technical cell extends various pre and post-sales services to customers. The technical cell consists of well equipped laboratories and highly qualified engineers.