​JK Lakshmi Power Mix RMC

Experience the smarter way of construction with ​JK Lakshmi Power Mix RMC

The concept of using site-mix concrete is fading away across the world. This is because site-mix concrete is dependent on manual labour, on-site mixing and overall supervision of construction. Moreover, how sure are you of the quality of the Cement Bags being delivered? And does the quantity match the promise? These and more invisible issues are effectively removed by using RMC and with JK Lakshmi you are guaranteed quality with quantity.

By using JK Lakshmi Power Mix, you not only get peace of mind on the quality intangibles but also effect savings on your total cost of construction. Our studies indicate that by using JK Lakshmi Power Mix, you can achieve almost 15.5% savings in construction costs in terms of factors such as quality and wastage-avoidance.

Consistency in quality:

Systematic manufacturing cycle and adherence to global standards of quality.

Cost saving:

Save up to 15.5% in construction costs as compared to regular site-mix concrete

Efficient handling of raw material:

Avoid hassles of procurement and quality-testing of raw materials for concrete.

Associated services of the JK Lakshmi brand:

Various add-on services such as concrete pump and the Technical Service Cell.

Better construction quality:

Specific grades of RMC as per specific engineering standards and intended application.

Reduced construction time:

High-quality pre-tested ready-mix concrete delivered right to your doorstep.