Quarterly Results

The table below contains the quarterly results reports from 2006-2014.

Please click on a link to download the report in PDF format:
Quarter 4Quarter 3Quarter 2Quarter 1
2017-18Dec 2017Sep 2017Jun 2017
2016-17Mar 2017 Dec 2016 Sep 2016Jun 2016
2015-16Mar 2016Dec 2015Sep 2015Jun 2015
2014-15Mar 2015Dec 2014Sep 2014Jun 2014
2013-14Mar 2014Dec 2013Sep 2013Jun 2013
2012-13Mar 2013Dec 2012Sep 2012Jun 2012
2011-12Mar 2012Dec 2011Sep 2011Jun 2011
2010-11Mar 2011Dec 2010Sep 2010Jun 2010
2009-10Mar 2010Dec 2009Sep 2009Jun 2009
2008-09Mar 2009Dec 2008Sep 2008Jun 2008
2007-08Mar 2008Dec 2007Sep 2007Jun 2007
2006-07Mar 2007Dec 2006Sep 2006Jun 2006