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Related Party TransactionsDownload
Regulation 23
Regulation 23(9)
Appointment of DirectorDownload
Appointment of Director
Appointment and cessation of Director
Re-appointment of Independent Directors and Whole-time Directors
Appointment Letter – Bhaswati Mukherjee
Notice to Shareholders –
No Transfer of shares in Physical Mode
Notice to Shareholder 30.11.2018
Letter to Shareholder 10.10.2018
Letter to Shareholder 03.08.2018
Credit Rating LetterDownload
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 09.10.2018
Notices of Board MeetingDownload
Notice of Board Meeting 01.11.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 06.08.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 22.05.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 08.02.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 14.11.2018
Notice of Board Meeting 02.08.2018
Notice of BM Issue of Securities
Notice of Board Meeting 16.05.2018
Notice of Board Meeting 31.01.2018
Notice of Board Meeting 08.11.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 03.08.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 17.05.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 17.05.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 03.02.2017
Notice of Board Meeting 26.11.2016
Notice of Board Meeting 26.11.2016
Notice of Board Meeting 11.08.2016
Notice of Board Meeting 18.05.2016
Notice of Board Meeting 4.02.2016
Conference Call NoticeDownload
Conference Call Intimation 04.11.2019
Conference Call Intimation 07.08.2019
Conference Call Notice 24.05.2019
Conference Call Intimation 11.02.2019
Conference Call Notice 16.11.2018
Conference Call Notice 03.08.2018
Conference Call Notice 18.05.2018
Conference Call Intimation 02.02.2018
Conference Call Invitation 13.11.2017
Conference Call Notice 03.08.2017
Conference Call Notice 17.5.2017
Conference Call Notice 03.2.2017
Conference Call Notice 27.10.2016
Conference Call Notice 12.08.2016
Conference Call Notice 19.05.2016
Conference Call Notice 05.02.2016
Conference Call Notice

Conference Call transcriptDownload
Conference Call Transcript 07.08.2019

Conference Call Transcript 24.05.2019

Conference Call Transcript 11.02.2019
Conference Call Transcript 16.11.2018
Conference Call Transcript 03.08.2018
Conference Call Transcript 18.05.2018
Conference Call Transcript 02.02.2018
Conference Call Transcript 13.11.2017
Conference Call Transcript 04.08.2017
Conference Call Transcript 19.05.2017
Conference Call Transcript 18.05.2017
Conference Call Transcript 18.05.2017
Conference Call Transcript 03.02.2017
Conference Call Transcript 26.10.2016
Conference Call transcript
Application to Central GovtDownload
Advertisement Managerial Remuneration
Application to Central Govt
Gist of ProceedingsDownload
Proceedin’s of 79th AGM Notice in Newspaper
Proceedin’s of 78th AGM Notice in Newspaper
77th AGM Gist of Proceedings
76th AGM Gist of Proceedings
74th Annual General Meeting held on 4th September 2014.
Outcome of Board MeetingDownload
Outcome of Board Meeting 16.05.2018
Outcome of Board Meeting 17.05.2017
Outcome of Board Meeting 03.02.2017
Outcome of Board Meeting 26.10.2016
Outcome of Board Meeting 11.08.2016
Issue of NCDsDownload
Issue of NCDs
Notice of Trading WindowDownload
Intimation of closure of Trading Window