Investor Relations

JK Lakshmi Cement is a blue chip company with an annual turnover of Rs. 2300 crores.JK Lakshmi Cement has been a forerunner in India's transition from conventional cement manufacturing technology to cutting-edge technology.JK Lakshmi Cement, comparable with best cements in the world market, has carved out a niche for itself as the symbol of quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.A giant in the Indian cement industry, JK Lakshmi Cement has acquired the latest technology from M/s Blue Circle Industries, PLC of the United Kingdom and has the ultra modern equipment from M/s Fuller International of USA. The present annual installed capacity of JK Lakshmi Cement is 8.3 million tonnes.JK Lakshmi Cement is a member of the prestigious JK Organisation, a group known for its premium products and services the world over.

Address Of Debenture Trustee:
Asian Building, Groud Floor
17, R.Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate