Company’s Policy

The table below contains the documents regarding the company's policy.

Please click on a link to download the report in PDF format:
Code for fair disclosure of UPSI16 KBDownload
Dividend distribution policy10 KBDownload
IT policy448 KBDownload
Handbook JKLC968 KBDownload
CSR Policy contents160 KBDownload
Vigil Mechanism200 KBDownload
Related Party Transactions Policy172 KBDownload
Terms & Conditons of IND146 KBDownload
Familiarisation Programme 2MBDownload
Policy for Determining Materiality of Events257 KBDownload
Policy for Determining Material Subsidiary275 KBDownload
Contact Details-KMPs-Determination of materiality of Events350 KBDownload
Archival Policy350 KBDownload