Company’s Policy

The table below contains the documents regarding the company's policy.

Please click on a link to download the report in PDF format:
Nomination and Remuneration Policy427 KBDownload
Code for fair disclosure of UPSI10 KBDownload
Dividend distribution policy10 KBDownload
IT policy1.6 MBDownload
Handbook JKLC968 KBDownload
CSR Policy contents160 KBDownload
Vigil Mechanism200 KBDownload
Related Party Transactions Policy292 KBDownload
Terms & Conditons of IND54 KBDownload
Familiarisation Programme 65
Policy for Determining Materiality of Events257 KBDownload
Policy for Determining Material Subsidiary128 KBDownload
Contact Details-KMPs-Determination of materiality of Events350 KBDownload
Archival Policy350 KBDownload