JK LakshmiPlast – Gypsum Plaster

JK Lakshmiplast Gypsum Plaster is a gypsum-based plaster which offers one ideal solution for all your decoration needs. It sets quickly and is easy to cast into a shape, making it a very useful material in beautifying walls and ceilings. For thousands of years, gypsum-based plaster (commonly known as POP) has been widely used to coat walls and ceilings. Some of the world’s oldest and developed civilizations (Greek, Roman, and Eqyptian) used POP in their construction. Besides the construction industry, POP building materials can also used for creating models in the pottery industry, ornamental castings, sculpting and even in medicine and dentistry.

Benefits of JK Lakshmiplast - Gypsum Plaster

Following are some of the key benefits of JK Lakshmiplast - Gypsum Plaster.

  • It can be easily molded into different shapes.
  • Gypsum in the Gypsum Plaster imparts the extra shine and smoothness.
  • It mixes easily with water and is even easier to spread.
  • It is an excellent fire resistant product and hence ideal as a perfect heat insulating material.
  • It doesn't shrink or develop cracks on setting.

JK Lakshmiplast – Value for Money, Superior Quality

When you build a home, you want it to reflect your personality. And nothing adds more to the beauty of a house than its smooth, finished walls and beautiful ceilings. Imagine a perfectly white leveled surface which lends perfection to your wall. An even wall can be a foundation to experiment with your favorite murals or wall art. A premium Gypsum Plaster like JK Lakshmiplast can bring all such imaginations to life. With the superior whiteness of this advanced product, you can give your home the perfect look and incredible strength to last for the years to come. Manufactured by JK Lakshmi Cement, one of the most renowned Gypsum Plaster manufacturers in India, JK Lakshmiplast contains special ingredients which improve its setting time and also provide an elegant white finish. The JK Lakshmiplast comes with 82%* whiteness, giving your dream house, the superior whiteness it deserves. It is also highly recommended for a newly built construction, thanks to its higher adhesive ability and superior packaging, which keeps the JK Lakshmiplast - Gypsum Plaster safe from everyday dust and moisture. JK Lakshmiplast is available in different packs of 2 KG to 25 KG, giving customers the flexibility to order it as per their requirement.

Being one of the most well established Gypsum Plaster suppliers in the industry, JK Lakshmi Cement takes pride in offering world-class post-sales and technical services.

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